Greatest Rap Songs of 2016

This year, I covered Schoolboy Q and MC Eiht for the Passion of the Weiss year-end list. You can check out the site's best songs list here. My personal favorites of 2016 are listed below.

Greatest Rap Songs of 2016:
  1. Westside Gunn  "Mr. T" [Flygod]
  2. Schoolboy Q  "Groovy Tony" [Blankface]
  3. Curren$y  "Vibrations" [The Carrollton Heist]
  4. Conway the Machine - "Birdy" [Internet]
  5. Drake  "4 PM in Calabasas" [Internet]
  6. A$AP Mob  "Yamborghini High" [Internet]
  7. Hall & Nash – "Lobos" [Internet]
  8. Rick Ross – "Buy Back the Block" [Internet]
  9. Nas – "Nas Is Like (Infamous Remix)" [Internet]
  10. Roc Marciano  "All For It" [Internet]
  11. A Tribe Called Quest  "Mobius" [Thank You 4 Your Service]
  12. Grand Puba "I Like It (Quelle Chris Remix)" [Lost Files & Flips]
  13. Ka  "Grapes of Wrath" [The Superfly Single]
  14. Mach Hommy  "Fresh Off the Boat (Knxwledge Remix)" [Internet]
  15. Camp Lo  "Money Dance II" [Internet]
  16. Hus Kingpin  "Wizard of Dons" [Internet]
  17. Smoke Dza – "Black Superhero Car" [Don't Smoke Rock]
  18. Rick Ross – "The Weather (Dirty Diggs Remix)" [Internet]
  19. Isa Muhammad – "Power Circle" [Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius]
  20. Agallah  "Man of the House" [Internet]


  1. Yes!!! I keep thinking this blog is dead, and then it creeps up to the top of the Martorialist blogroll right when I least expect it. (At the end of the year!) Thanks for not deleting your blog, like so many other authors of infrequently updated blogs. Also, I hope you're thinking about coming out with a short story collection, record review compendium or some purchase-able collection of your writing. Because you've got the gift. (The gift of writing well.)

    1. Damn, thanks a lot for reading man. Really appreciate it.

  2. The Agallah hyperlink doesn't lead to an Agallah song.

    Is this the HL Rick Roll?

    1. Haha! Here's the link here:

      Thanks for catching that.

  3. I wanted to ride for Ag's Point Break but it bothers me that he says 'on fleek' on there. Agallah songs should not feature trendy viral slang.

  4. That Mach track got snatched down real quick.

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