Greatest Rap Songs of 2015

This year, I covered Miguel, Thundercat, and Miguel again for the Passion of the Weiss year-end lists. You can check out the site's best album and best song lists here and here. I also helped the good folks at Metal Lungies with their annual Beat Drop series, which highlights the best production of the year. My picks were beats by Jake One, Battlecat and The Hitmen. You can check that out hereFinally, I have a piece of fiction running in the third installment of Politics and Prose's District Lines anthology (Winter 2016). They'll be holding an in-store release shindig on January 9th, 2015.

My personal favorites are listed below, for posterity.

Greatest Rap Songs of 2015: Zip


  1. A very nice selection, hadn't heard that Agallah so thanks.
    Did you catch this one from Nef? The e.p was ok but this one really got me...

    1. Never heard of this guy. That song is tight. Thanks man.


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