Stuff #8

I wrote a blurb about the upcoming 18th Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival for Washington City Paper's new Fall Arts Guide. Prior to writing this, I'd never realized that Fitzgerald was buried less than a mile from my old apartment in Montgomery County. I drove or jogged past it multiple times every day for more than two years. A few weeks ago, I walked through the cemetery. At the foot of his tombstone, his enthusiasts left rose stems, composition books, fountain pens, and most interestingly, an old-timey magnetic compass. It was pretty cool to see.

On a lighter note, I also spoke with yU, very briefly, about the lead single off the forthcoming Diamond District album. You can read the articles here and here.
  1. Mary Love – "Power Of Love"
  2. Boldy James – "Something To Cry For"
  3. Boldy James – "Play It Cool"
  4. Prodigy – "Hoodie Weather"
  5. Rza & Kool G Rap – "Cakes"
  6. Dan Carlin – "Blueprint For Armageddon IV"
I probably wrote a few things for my home away from home, Passion of the Weiss, but the website is temporarily down until next week. But don't fret! They're gearing up to relaunch in the near future, perhaps next week, with a slick new layout.


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