Stuff #7

I wrote a brief profile on Ras Nebyu's elusive in-house producer, The Arckitech, for a new website called Bandwidth. It's somehow (in ways that I'm not yet qualified to explain) an extension of NPR and American University's WAMU radio station. Check the profile out here, and the slick new "about me" page they were kind enough to put together here. I also wrote blurbs about Boldy James, Raekwon and Mobb Deep for the good folks at Passion of the Weiss, here, here, and here, respectively.

Download: Zip
  1. DJ Quik – "That Niggaz Crazy (Live In California)"
  2. Rowdy Rebel & Bobby Shmurda – "Computers"
  3. AZ – "Red Magic"
  4. Nas – "The World Is Yours (Live At Radio City)"
  5. Mobb Deep – "Shark"


  1. OOOOOOHH!!!!!
    Really, though, this is some great stuff. You write the best sentences in the music criticism game.
    What the fuck is Deer Park?
    That Mobb Deep post reminded me of the song "Pearly Gates," which I listened to a LOT in my car in college, circa 2008, while driving my friends to Taco Bell in exchange for weed (and sometimes Taco Bell). I'd forgotten all about that song. Downloading Blood Money now to see about the rest.
    This stuff mix is my favorite stuff mix so far.

    1. PS: Spike Lee's beard is horrible.

  2. I don't like that kind of music, but that is horrible. That is why i use to write them. People that had already read my own essays shout like lady in last track :)