NATURE & CORMEGA: Summer Breeze

(Seasons Change EP: Summer Edition; 2013)
I'm fairly certain I'm the only rap blogger, domestic or abroad, still actively checking for Rod Strickland's biggest advocate. So I consider it my inalienable duty to keep the Lattisaw Tapes readership abreast all things Nature. As with every seasonal themed project he's released thus far, the summer edition only features one salvageable record buried under a heap of run-of-the-mill mixtape filler. Fortunately, he recruited Cormega for "Summer Breeze," which is head and shoulders above the rest of the EP. I'm not sure how well it translated to text, but when I interviewed 'Mega a few months back, he sounded particularly excited about a collaboration he and Nature have on his forthcoming album produced entirely by Large Professor, Mega Philosophy. This song was likely born out the same studio session.


  1. I honestly wouldve forgot about Nature if it wasnt for you HL thank you.

    All Night Long sample always kills.

  2. "born hypocrite: every other day we on some different shit" and "get pussy with my father's features" stay with me and pop up every now and then on some random brainfart ish

  3. say word! considering how mega set it on the god on the block back in the day thougth I'd never see this collab happen...craaaazy night for sure lol #QBC #LIC #QBORO