(Masterpiece Theatre; 2013)
Willie The Kid is still shaking off the cobwebs from his 2012 sequester, but his new project with Alchemist is certainly a step in the right direction. Earlier this year, Alex of Steady Bloggin' fame suggested that while Willie's always indulged in yacht rap to great effect, he hasn't bothered to bring his pistol to the docks in quite some time. "Shake Dice" wins because it sound like he's finally re-upped his expired Michigan Chapter NRA membership. Alsoas a heads up—it's way more fun if you assume he's accusing naysayers of being nonviolent like Nickelodeon's SNICK, opposed to Ella Baker's SNCC.


  1. All those years waiting for a new Camp Lo and...
    I can't understand a word he says but I love it.

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