OUTSOUCING: Dummy Magazine

I reviewed Ka's latest album, "The Night's Gambit," for Dummy Magazine. It's a really dope, credible publication that just received a digital makeover, so I'm excited to see this piece sitting comfortably within the fresh new layout. The Dummy staff has dubbed it "Album of the Week," but by my estimation, it's neck-in-neck with Prodigy's "Albert Einstein" and Mitchy Slick's "Feet Match the Paint" for best of 2013. Check it out here.


  1. Who knew H.L was a big Mitchy Slick fan?

    (Not me.)

  2. Ha. For the last year or so I've been checking for all DJ Fresh's stuff. Always thought Mitchy was cool with Strong Arm Steady, but nothing to write home about. "Feet Match The Paint" made me a fan I guess.

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