Agallah (8-Off) Reviews Jay-Z's MCHG

Over the holidays, Agallah dipped his turf toe into the critical arena. While we were stuffing our faces with potato salad, the high exalted Don Bishop spent his Independence Day writing about Jay-Z's newly released album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. For those familiar with the Brooklynites' one-sided history, the verdict is fairly predictable. Hovito blackballing Agallah is the only plausible reason I could fathom as to why he wasn't enlisted to helm Dipset's ill-fated reunion album. Check out the review here.


  1. I didnt know about the beef history, puts it in a new light. lol was he accusing Mos Def of smushing BeyBey in that song?

    Only MCHG review anyone needs to read imo.

  2. Agallah proving that every sentence which ends in a "b" really is given extra poetic eloquence.

  3. @done That was Agallah's response to Jay's "it's not Biggie, I'm the king now" line from Snoop's "I Wanna Rock" remix.