REDUX: Saaab Stories

Harry Fraud's half-length project with Action Bronson, Saaab Stories (with three vowels), is a bit too disjointed to have a running time of barely half an hour. Fortunately, the good folks at Lattisaw Tapes LLC went through the trouble of sparing you from the atrocious digital album cover, Prodigy's awful performance on "Seven Series Triplets," and Fraud's piercing trap snares that bog down the tape's latter half. Download the redux here. Enjoy.
  1. 72 Virgins
  2. Triple Backflip
  3. No Time
  4. Bird On a Wire
  5. Dana Copperfield
  6. Midget Cough
  7. Heel Toe
  8. Charles Darwin
  9. Brown Bag Wrap
  10. Fiends Jean Jacket