(Wolf; 2013)

Tyler The Creator's latest studio album, Wolf, is probably only the second project to emerge from Odd Future's camp to warrant multiple listens. Yet, less than two months removed from its release date, the buzz and conversation surrounding it has already dissapated. Much of the album treads on the same insufferable subject matter that plagues the rest of his catalog. But in certain pockets, where he's not pandering to the trench coat mafia, it really feels like he's coming into his own. The most powerful songs on the record are candid and humorless: "Treehome95"; "48"; and especially "Lone." The latter is the closest Tyler has ever come to fulfilling the lofty expectations his crew inherited four years ago. It escorts the listener through the disbelief and confusion he experienced in the weeks leading up to his grandmother's death. Hopefully this sober, thoughtful voice plays a larger role in his music going forward.


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