(F.I.L.A.; 2013)

The soft acclaim garnered by Ghostface Killah's collaborative project with Adrian Younge, Twelve Reasons to Die, pretty much cements my theory that an overwhelming majority of critics don't actually listen to half the artists they champion. For anyone whose tracked Wu-Tang's progression over the last five-odd years, even loosely, it's painfully obvious that Raekwon has long usurped Starks as the Clan's de facto leader. "Son of Sam" features the chef at his most effective: illustrating physical features; narrating villainous backstories; and operating as an unabashed New Yorker. Its rumored to be the lead single from his forthcoming album, F.I.L.A., which will undoubtedly trump Twelve Reasons to Die and whatever disjointed Wu-Tang reunion cash grab Rza plans on rolling out this summer.

(Duflocka Rant Halftime Show; 2013)

Waka is no stranger to employing wordy flows over sample-based production ("Triple F Intro" and "Foreign Shit" being the most glaring examples), but the ad lib-less offering from his Duflocka Rant: Halftime Show mixtape, "Smile," doesn't feel as forced as his prior efforts. Here, he plays the role of a distrusting optimist; Black Metaphor's somber production does well to accentuate Waka's uninjurious outlook on life.

(Internet; 2013)

It's a shame that eXquire doesn't embrace his Def Jukkie incarnation more often; that backpacker aestetic has made for his best records to date. "Noble Drew Ali" is an escort into the dusky, paranoid caverns of his conflicted brain. While certainly not ambitious as the "The Explanation," or as infectious as "Huzzah," it's a perfectly phenomenal album cut. His willingness to churn out records of this nature will likely make-or-break his retail debut.


  1. Three very dope songs.

    I was surprised to like most of the sample-based songs on Halftime Show more than the 808 mafia tracks.

    You seen this video? The second half features a dope song produced by Key-Nyata.

  2. Dope video. Especially the 2nd half.