NATURE: East Coast Party

(Seasons Changed: Spring Edition; 2013)

If you're willing to overlook Foxy Brown's truancy, The Firm is officially off hiatus or, at least they're no longer content with dormancy. Between AZ launching a stellar to street single to promote Doe or Die II, Cormega trampling over Roc Marciano's flip of Erma's Coffee's "Any Way The Wind Blows," and Nas' sheer virtue of existence, the world's most dysfunctional supergroup is finally clicking on all cylinders. Albeit on their own accord. But Nature's resurgence is easily the most surprising development of 2013. His latest project, Seasons Changed: Spring Edition, features Nathaniel's strongest record since his crafty Halloween anthem. The fact we only have to reach back seven months to recall a great Nature record speaks volumes in itself. "East Coast Party" is a soulful ode to the Atlantic Seaboard. And what better way to bring in this year's solstice than a quality summer jam?


  1. His name is not Nathaniel it's Nature real name Jermain.Other than that you're correct the song is FIRE!!

  2. @Anonymous Agreed. I'm still jamming this one.

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