AZ - We Movin'

(Doe or Die II; 2013)

After rumors of AZ marrying a billionaire heiress, à la Jay Electronica, were entertained by message board dwellers in attempt to make sense of his hibernation over the last few years, there was little reason to believe Doe or Die II would ever see the light of day. Fortunately, it appears that hip-hop's foremost lisp is finally gearing up to release a sequel to his crowning achievement. "We Movin'" is probably the greatest rap song to touchdown in 2013, closely tailed by his jacquard smooth collaboration with Raekwon, "86." Statik Selektah takes a break from masquerading as DJ Premier; providing AZ with a lush instrumental that could pass for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League's finest. Sosa is in rare, dapper form for this outing: "dinner napkins under the button up"; "sleeves cuffed"; and "Gucci blue navy kicks." The flow is pristine as his uniform.


  1. He sounds in pocket right here, as close to his Trackmasters days since a couple joints off Aziatic. From his style, flow, lyrics...just his whole twist is not built for that boom bap shit. His perfect marriage was with Tone & Poke. 2nd to Rza & his youngbuls(Tru Mast, Disciple, Math) TM were my favorite producers. I love smooth criminal rap n they gave Nas the music for my favorite album IWW. I was just bangin Bleeding From The Mouth and the other Lox joint with Foxy they did, "From the top of New York where they be poppin they cork to the bottom of the slums..." You right bout that Statik Selector nigga too; Styles is my top 5/6 but I can't listen to that Float shit cuz of him. He a poor mans Preemo...shit even Preemo been a poor version of himself since them signature Lox/Common/CNN beats he be given niggas. Where Group Home Suspended In time Preemo at? Anyway thx for the link hopefully the album is tuff. 1

  2. @South Philly As much as I enjoyed "The Format" (song), I agree 100%. I have high hopes for Doe or Die II.

  3. This shit is dope. I hope this is a premonition of the actual album. I don't think A.Z. ever topped Do Or Die.

    BTW I just found out that the REAL A.Z. (Azie Faison) was a rapper too... and dope as fuck in his own right. He had a group called mobstyle which made some pretty amazing music for 1990.


  4. Elijah, yeah, Mobstyle is a cool story. Check out this interview the Martorialist did if you haven't already: