(XXL Freshman Mixtape; 2013)

After a string of disheartening Harry Fraud collaborations, Action Bronson reunites with his reliable co-conspirator, Party Supplies, for "November Rain." Poorly timed anal cavity storage quips aside, its his most impressive performance since "Midget Cough" surfaced on an otherwise forgettable Mick Boogie mixtape last year. Clocking in at barely two minutes, it samples the Guns N' Roses record of the same title, which, ironically, is the longest single to ever chart on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. As enjoyable as the refurbished power ballad may be, Bronson's approach is almost as redundant as the term "co-conspirator." Having released six full-length projects within a 2-year span, how could he not be exhausted of ideas at this point?