RAEKWON: Footprints of Osama (Full Version)

(The Chef vs The Beast; 2013)

"Footprints of Osama" was originally released as a poorly mixed 60-second teaser in mid-2011, towards the tail-end of Raekwon's well deserved victory lap following Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. The full version was finally liberated with the arrival of DJ Vin's 32-song depot for his work with Scram Jones. It's one of the more provocative rap songs recorded in the time since social media has evolved into a genuine vehicle for disingenuous protest. Raekwon is vaguely empathetic toward Bin Laden, weaving a vivid bullet-point biography based on the Jihadist's rise and fall.

The narrative was obviously never scrutinized to the degree of Rick Ross' infamous date rape gaff. Despite being an integral cog in a movement firmly cemented in American pop culture, Raekwon has yet to be crowned "Man of the Year" by GQ Magazine or anointed as the face of a multi-billion dollar corporation. But this record would have certainly inspired a more interesting debate than Mollygate. It would be interesting to learn the agenda behind mentioning Osama in the same breath as Malcolm and Martin. Unfortunately, it's an inquiry Raekwon will probably never encounter.


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