PRODIGY: Fish Meat

(360 Waves; 2013)

Between Havoc's abrupt defection and the backlash sparked by My Infamous Life, Mobb Deep has suffered a rough stretch in the twilight of their career. The post-prison draw for Prodigy has waned considerably going into 2013, which has fortunately made room in his schedule to finally deliver a sequel to Return of the Mac, the impeccable 2007 collaboration with Alchemist. Durag Dynasty's "Fish Meat" features Pulitzer P at his Product of the 80's era heights, sans the skin crawling sci-fi imagery. Assuming the duo integrates the level of thoughtfulness commonplace in Prodigy's pre-prison solo material with this strain of menacing production, Albert Einstein has infinitely more potential than Adrian Younge's experiment with Ghostface Killah.


  1. This is the first of these post-prison P verses that feels up to par with his old shit, nice.

    "Durag Dynasty - 360 Waves" is 5 star naming.

  2. Yeah, I agree. That moniker and title are golden.