MITHCY SLICK: Mitchy Tales

(Feet Match The Paint; 2013)

If The Alchemist is the hardest working producer in the boundless universe, then DJ Fresh, whose collaborated with seemingly every prominent Bay Area rapper short of Lil B [EDIT: DJ Fresh has indeed already rubbed elbows with Based God], is his bizarro twin. Originally from Philadelphia, he's become a regional go-to guy for a rap scene 3000 miles removed from his hometown. Fresh even introduced Deltrice, the bizarro Chinky, on 2011's Lights Cameras Action. His latest full-length release, Feet Match The Paint, is a world-class effort with Mitchy "The Human Humidor" Slick. As with most rap albums, the bonus tracks stand among the best records packaged with the project. The strongest addendum, "Mitchy Tales," channels Too Short, T La Rock and the creamiest strain of early 80's yacht music. Deltrice is credited with a vocal feature, though she's barely audible over Mitchy's rollicking longwinded rant.


  1. DJ Fresh has collaborated with Lil B:

  2. Yeah I was wondering about that Deltrice feature, but the less of her and the more of Mitchy Slick is probably for the best.

    This song is good and the album is excellent. Easily the best thing DJ Fresh has done since "Fresh" with HD.

  3. @Thomas I agree. This is much better than the Raekwon and Casual projects with Fresh.