SLUM VILLAGE: Look At Yo' Face

(Dirty Slums 2; 2013)

The most poignant quote born out of Dilla's death anniversary was Jeff Weiss reminding us that "it’s important to remember that he was a real human being — not some Yoda-like alien chopping up records through the force." It should also be noted that the ever evolving roster of Slum Villagers have continued to exist after Dilla's departure. In fact, they've managed to release their fair share of good-to-phenomenal music after the main draw cut ties over a decade ago (the Villa Manifesto EP is probably the most recent example of their work leaning towards phenomenal). "Look At Yo' Face" employs the type of infectious hook and condescending attitude that harkens back to the group's heyday. More importantly, T3 and company swagger jack Nas' infamous Power 105 interview slandering Funkmaster Flex, among others. File this one under the sparse manila folder labeled "Volatile-Urban-Terrestrial-Radio-Interview-Inspired-Rap-Songs" between "NORE Shot Somebody" and "CUUURRRTISSSSSSSSS."

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