NATURE: Charisma

(Ashtray Effect 2; 2013)

It's been quite a productive week for The Firm alumni sans Fox Boogie. Cormega hinted that his collaborative project with Large Professor is more than just wishful thinking. Tyler The Creator finally released a record that isn't cringe-inducing by structuring "48" around his Nas interview featured in the November 2011 issue of XXL. Meanwhile, AZ tacked an unbelievably pristine verse onto Raekwon's "86," upgrading a pleasant freestyle to an early contender for song of the year. But the disbanded regime's most surprising tune is "Charisma," an album cut buried underneath a slew of recycled freestyles, decade-old guest features and poorly conceived exclusives on Nature's Ashtray Effect 2 mixtape. While it's not nearly as creative as his Halloween song from last year, the trademark smooth-never-rugged flow is in full bloom.