The long awaited sequel has finally made its return. I'm going to just keep writing profiles and posting these vinyl rips until a phenomenal rap album drops. This could take a while. Download the tape here. Enjoy.

1. 8-Off - "Neighborhood Girl" (Ghetto Girl 12"; 1995)
It's not often that both sides of a rap record features the dreaded girl song. "Neighborhood Girl" is the A-side's vitriolic twin. Agallah is in full-blown "Throw Ya' Gunz" meets "Hawaiian Sophie" mode.

2. Big Tymers - "Got Everything" (No Love 12"; 2004)
While I'm sure Mannie Fresh is absolutely content with producing beat tapes for Mystikal and Mos Def that will almost certainly never be released, the world is due for a Big Tymers reunion album. In the meantime, we can listen to Big Money Heavyweight album cuts and wish.

3. BMS - "Mucho Stereo" (Indelibles Weight 12"; 1998)
In retrospect, the production on the BMS's follow-up to "Vital Nerve" was El-P at his most cluttered. I don't know how to nod my head to this record, and fifteen years later I still don't know if it's brilliant of terrible. I'm leaning toward the latter.

4. El-P - "Dead Weathermen" (Dead Disnee 12"; 2002)
This is one of my favorite posse cuts that isn't universally hailed as an undeniable classic. It's only flaw is Brewin's glaring omission.

5. El-P - "Dead Disnee Remix" (
Dead Disnee 12""; 2002)
Not to be confused with "Dead Weathermen." It's a little easier to appreciate El-P's lyrics over the sparse instrumental.

6. Eric B - "You're My Favorite" (Self Titled LP; 1995)
This is the crown jewel of Eric B's incredibly bizarre solo LP.

7. Michel'le & Dr Dre - "More Lies" (No More Lies 12"; 1989)
Penicillin On Wax was pretty funny I guess, but Tim Dog's finest moment was probably his dead-on Michel'le impression.

8. Morris Day - "Love Is A Game" (Day Dreaming; 1987)
Mid-song whisper pimp game withstanding, this record is pretty deep.

9. Silkk & C-Murder - "Southside Niggas" (Made Men; 1999)
Obligatory salvageable song from an otherwise horrific late 90's No Limit LP.

10. T La Rock & Greg Nice - "Bass Machine" (Breaking Bells 12"; 1986)
Isn't T La Rock at least a billion times more underrated than Devin the Dude or Black Thought? Has anyone told Bangladesh that Mantronix is already the King of the Beats? Has there ever been a more effective guest feature than Greg Nice?