So, I'm going to dedicate the next week or so to finishing an outsourced piece. In the mean time, I'll leave you with this compilation of bootlegs and b-sides. Unfortunately, Capone-N-Noreaga's "Stick You" instrumental complete with Tragedy Khadafi's ad-libs randomly screaming "CRACK OF HIS ASS" halfway through couldn't be salvaged. But I found a few other gems while rummaging through milk crates this weekend. Download the tape here. Enjoy.

1. Alchemist - "Feel This Instrumental" (ALC Music Library; 2001)
I thought I'd heard every Alchemist beat ever made, but this is unfamiliar. If anyone knows the origin let me know. The other instrumentals on this record were used by Royce, Soul Assassins, Dilated Peoples, etc.

2. Cam'ron - "Stan Part 2" (Undertainment Records EP; 2000)
I remember this Stan Spit diss circulating on mixtapes, but didn't realize it was ever pressed up. "I hung out with you on Mother's Day because your mother's dead" may be the meanest thing I've ever heard on a rap song.

3. Dipset - "I'm Ready" (Paid In Full Soundtrack; 2002)
I've never really been much of a Dipset fan, but this was always one of my favorites from that early 2000's mixtape era. Probably the most tolerable Jim Jones verse I've heard.

4. Big Jaz (feat. Jay-Z) - "Foundation" (Waiting 12"; 1996)
Jaz-O produced both sides of this single. I've only heard a handful of his beats, but they're all pretty impressive. Always wondered why he never pursued a career in production after the rap thing dried up. Also, I never noticed he changed his name to Big Jaz at some point.

5. Saafir - "The Day" (One Of The Hardest EP; 2005)
I've never heard of this EP release. The first thing that pops up in a google search is a pretty detailed description written by Thun from the TROY Blog. Most of these records aren't very good, but "The Day" is pretty phenomenal. It's like Saafir's take on Ras Kass' "On Earth As It Is In Heaven."

6. Saafir (feat. Xzibit & Ras Kass) - "Back Up" (One Of The Hardest EP; 2005)
This features the bouncy westcoast version of Golden State Warriors that I don't really care for, but it's still worth a listen. Xzibit kind of kills it if you ignore his Lil Wayne-esque "opps-I-mean" mispronunciation thing.

7. Snoop Lion - "Bitches Ain't Shit Freestyle" (Nuthin' But A G Thang 12"; 1992)
I actually found this a few months back at the DC Record fair, but I'm just now getting around to ripping it. Masterful freestyle from Snoop and Kurupt "dropping funky classical rhymes."

8. Stetsasonic (feat. The Reverend Jesse Jackson) - "A.F.R.I.C.A. Stet Mix" (A.F.R.I.C.A. 12"; 1987)
Stet's anti-apartheid record. The beat for this remix sounds kind of like El-P before his production got all weird and cluttered.

9. Trouble Funk - "Freaky Situations" (In Times Of Trouble; 1983)
Obligatory traditional R&B cut from a Go-Go album.