ACTION BRONSON: Storm Troopers

Outdoorsmen - "Storm Troopers"
(Pardon My Intrusion; 2013)

From the outset, Action Bronson was accused of sharking Ghostface Killah's charming eccentricities. He's been called every name in the Wu-Tang Manual, from Hoaxdeini, to my personal favorite, Phony Starks. Truth be told, Bronson's benchmark has always been Monkey Barz, opposed to, say, Supreme Clientele. He's a technician with a sharp sense of humor, and that's been enough to ward off much of the slander he initially received when the "Shiraz" video traveled beyond Robbie Ettleson's stomping grounds and went semi-viral. But even Bronsilino's most avid supporters know in their heart of hearts that his appeal largely stems from the bizarre voice inflections pioneered by Ghostface over fifteen years ago.

J-Love's latest self-produced mixtape, Pardon My Intrusion, features "Storm Troopers," an Outdoorsmen posse cut where Bronson delivers a performance completely devoid of ghostly mannerisms. While the verse is impressive, there's something missing. He comes across flat and impersonal rapping alongside the late, occasionally great Killa Sha. This is essentially how Bronson would sound if left to his own devices, and that speaks volumes to the genius of Ghost's artistry. To date, Bronson has squeezed countless superb records and several competent albums out of a single jig in the limited premium edition Ironman puzzle.