Notable Rap Songs #1

HD & Lil Blood - "Strange"
(Fresh; 2011)
It should come as no surprise that I fell for HD's hijack of Cameo's "She's Strange" hook, line and sinker. I'm of the opinion that The Delphonics' original "La La (Means I Love You)" sounds incomplete without the peerless vocal stylings of Ghostface Killah. HD always sounds really comfortable over funk and soul breaks. An entire project centered around this formula would probably yield epic results.

(Off Safety; 2011)
Admission of overindulgence or a tormented addict's cry for help? Maybe I'm reaching by suggesting "Junkie" is a double entendre of some sort, but duality is practically Gunplay's middle name. Blurring the line between sincerity and superfluous has always been his buttered bread, so don't ruin this for me.

(Rare Chandeliers; 2012)
Last year I caught an Action Bronson show at Howard Theater. "Gateway To Wizardry" was the first song of his fairly lengthy set. As the most uptempo record from Rare Chandeliers, it served as a great opener. One of my issues with modern weed rap is that it so often panders to a pothead constituency unable to process music exceeding 50 BPM's. During the transition into the menacing half of the record, Bronson's spooked "aye-yai-yai" and "no-yes" ad-libs capture my experience with uncontrolled substances more so than anything I've ever heard from Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa or Devin the Dude.


  1. The sound of a computer logging off/turning off at the beginning of "Strange" always threw me off guard. I wonder why that is there?

    I envy Gunplay's energy. If everyone started using coke instead of weed and antidepressants we would be a much more productive society.

  2. lol Right. The computer sound is wierd. The first few times I heard it, I actually thought it was my computer making that sound.