National Raekwon Appreciation Day

Raekwon - "Droptops and Raekwon Verses"
(Lattisaw Tapes; 2013)
Shallah Raekwon might be the most unique storyteller to ever pursue a career in rap music. Every stanza is a bizarre ride to the New York Times side. Remember that time he purchased real estate next to Virginia Clinton due to her alleged affiliation with the Chinese mafia? How about when he deemed it necessary to mix virgin blood with gallons of urine? To celebrate the existence of one of my all time favorite artists, I've stitched together dozens of Chef's guest appearances and unreleased jewelry from the last half-decade, because we shouldn't have to suffer through an entire A$AP Napoleon verse to hear Rae describe his pistol as "eyeball brown."


  1. Tryna remember what that Rae mixtape joint from around 2003 or 2004 over a Frankie Beverley joint was called? Real smooth song.

  2. @Foster Thanks.

    @MF I'm not sure about the Frankie Beverley swipe, but now I'm curious.

  3. This is dooooopppppeeeeee!

    -daniel @