MASTER P: No Limit To This Real Shit

Master P & The Game - "No Limit To This Real Shit"
(Al Capone; 2013)
Master P's latest mixtape is essentially New Orleans' answer to Extra P's spirited Professor At Large LP. It doesn't reinvent the two inch reel, but that's a large part of the charm. The same guy that once stood before the U.S. House Subcommittee and denounced gangster rap is back to bottle popping and vile debauchery. And he sounds great doing so. While it was refreshing to hear Fat Trel and Alley Boy perform in a group setting rather than as mundane solo acts, the standout record from Al Capone was Percy's stirring collaboration with The Game. Between this and "HVN4AGNGSTA," one of several great records left to rot on Jesus Piece's cutting room floor, it's safe to say the last griot of west coast gangster rap and a reinvigorated swamp nigga' have cornered the market on haphazard cross-regional rap duets.


  1. Dope song. Nipsey Hussle is still boring as hell to me though.

    "Ice T-in' them bricks, I BEEN fuckin' with coco."

  2. I always thought Nipsey was boring too, but he sounded great on this and the feature on MMG's Self Made 2 compilation.