BRICK AND MORTAR SERIES: Alpha Davis Discusses "Newport Music"

(Candy Cigarettes; 2013)

For our sophomore edition of Brick and Mortar, Dallas hip-hop producer Alpha Davis discusses his work on Brian Ennal's "Newport Music."

HL: Where are you from?

Alpha Davis: I'm from Dallas. Originally from Houston, but I was raised in [Dallas Fort Worth].

Brian Ennals lives in Maryland. How did you end up working with a guy that lives 1400 miles across the country?

It's crazy man. We actually linked up through Nahright's [comment] section about three years ago. He was just posting links of his music, and I started posted links to my beats. We actually did "Newport Music" a few years back. I originally did the beat back in the fall of 2009, and it was just sitting on my hard drive. Brian hit me on Twitter and said "hey man, send me some joints," and "Newport Music" was one of the tracks I sent. He hit me back asking to hold it. This was late 2010. When he laid down the concept, I really dug it.

Did you get a chance to see the video yet?

Man, I just got home from work and hopped online. I saw that On Smash has it on their website. When you called, I was playing the video. It's crazy. I'm at the second verse right now. I dig it so far.

What took so long for "Newport Music" to travel from your hard drive to On Smash?

Well, first we had some problems with the beat and the transitions, because I [originally] made it for a singer. It was actually formatted for three verses, so I had to rearrange the song. I don't really know what was happening on [Brian's] side, but I'm not complaining. The video is dope. He came out with it the right way in my opinion. It's very professional.

Did you contribute any other beats to Candy Cigarettes?

Nah' man, that was my only joint. It's funny that you ask that, because I was talking with [Brian's manager] and telling him I want to submit more joints. This was probably a month or two ago, but Candy Cigarettes was already closed. They were already mixing and mastering. I was going to try to squeeze in two more joints, but that's the only track I got. But I got some stuff for him and the whole Zip Squad crew. I did "Whole Strawberries" with Shellz, M-Lito and I think a singer from Chicago.

Whole Strawberries is a Zip Squad project?

It's just one song and not a project, but it's beautiful man. I can't wait for them to put it out.

What do you have planned for 2013?

I'll be working with the same people I have been for the last few years. I'd like to start working with some indie artists. I would love to work with people like Juicy J. Also Roc [Marciano]. Reloaded is one of my favorite joints out. I think I have some tracks that would really fit his style. He's been working with outside producers like Q-Tip and Alchemist. He's one of my favorite producers as well, but I'd still like to throw some stuff his way. Of course Willie The Kid. I'd like for this to be the year I actually work with those types of artists and get out of that unknown purgatory that I've been in all this time. Every producer wants that dream, but we'll see.