RICK ROSS: 100 Black Coffins

Rick Ross - "100 Black Coffins (Django's Theme)"
(Django Unchained Soundtrack; 2012)
I had the pleasure of viewing Django Unchained on Christmas Day, and I must say, Tarantino really outdid himself this time around. The film was creative, uncomfortable, and in pockets, surprisingly hilarious. Rick Ross' contribution to the soundtrack doesn't bear any of those qualities, but I can't remember the last time a song captured the essence of a motion picture as successfully as "100 Black Coffins." Hearing the intense orchestration roaring from the Rockville Regal Theater's Dolby system sounded like a trumpet call for the revolution. It's uncharacteristically linear by Ricky's standards, as he hasn't released anything this focused since "Free Mason." Interestingly enough, Jamie "Django" Foxx coached him through this performance by writing the hook and even laying a reference track. The song eventually cracked the Best Original Song shortlist for the 85th Academy Awards, likely on the strength of Ross' theatric ad-libbed response to being served "pigs feet in a jar."