OUTSOURCING: 2012 End of Year Lists with Weiss and Thomas

I was invited to contribute to Passion of the Weiss' end-of-year round up. I wrote about Roc Marciano's superb "Tek To a Mack" for their "50 Greatest Singles." I also submitted blurbs for Gunplay's "Bogota Rich" and Rick Ross' "Rich Forever" for Jeff's "50 Greatest Albums." I've been reading this publication religiously for nearly five years, so I'm really proud and excited to take part of this one.
Also be sure to peruse the annual "Friends of 100 Grand on My Wrist Reflect on the Year". Every year Thomas gives me the opportunity to write about whatever song I desire, preferably from the Bay Area. In other words, definitely, absolutely, under no uncertain terms from the Bay Area. This time around I went with Oakland duo HD and G-Dirty's phenomenal "Do Better."
Finally, I suggest you make time for "Deen's Favorite 25 Albums of 2012." I didn't write one word of this, but it's probably the best personal year-end list I've come across thus far. It's reasonably accurate, concise, funny and most importantly informative.


  1. Hey thanks for contributing to the post again this year broski, I like what you wrote a lot. Keep up the good stuff.

  2. Thanks man. Had fun contributing.