BRICK AND MORTAR SERIES: Ike Eyes Discusses "Blue Roxies"

(Past and Present; 2011)

Ike Eyes was kind enough to be the guinea pig for Lattisaw Tape's first edition of Brick and Mortar. The series will consist of brief, yet hopefully informative interviews with authors and composers of remarkable rap songs. I've been checking for Ike's sparse appearances since Agallah's criminally underrated You Already Know LP. I finally had a chance to catch up with Ike and discuss his most impressive solo record to date.

HL: Where are you from?

Ike Eyes: I'm from Brooklyn. Never live anywhere else. Wait, no. I lived in Florida for a few months.

Are you from Brownsville?

Nah', I'm from Red Hook actually. Brownsville is on the other side of Brooklyn.

How did you develop such close ties with so many Brownsville rappers?

I met [Agallah] in the streets. And Sean Price is Agallah's man.

What can you tell me about Death Before Dishonor?

That was a group with me, Agallah, PMD and Deke O'Malley. The other dude, Boogie. And 215, the nigga' from Philly. It started off with just me, [Agallah] and PMD, then the other dudes slowly came. It was like a boy band, no homo. We didn't really even know each other like that. [PMD] just put us together. It was all different dudes that he knew. That was the real late 90's. Like '98 or '99.

Was any of that material ever officially released?

We had one joint called "Code Red." Then there was another joint. I wasn't even on it, but I remember I was in the studio. It was produced by Kenny Parker. That was when 215 had got down with us. They didn't even put us all on it. We put out a couple joints and did a lot of shows. You know PMD always has a lot of shows, so we went on the road with him. But I can't say what happened. The shit basically just dissolved.

What are Blue Roxies?

Blue Roxies are Oxycontin, basically.

Can you recall the wildest experience you've had on Blue Roxies?

Ummmmmmmm... Nah'! [laughs]

What made you want to dedicate an entire song to this particular drug?

It's the same loop as a song from Matthew Ragazino called "Blue Rubies." It kind of basically started out as a freestyle. Honestly, [Blue Roxies] isn't something I even do. It's just a play on words.

What do you have planned for 2013?

I got a bunch of songs. I'm not going to sit here and say, you know, "my album this" or "my mixtape that." But I definitely have a lot of joints right now that really have no particular home. I don't have anything set, but I have a lot of joints that I'm trying to find a place for.


  1. Great concept for an interview series. Fun read, too.

  2. Thanks Joe. Hopefully many more to come.

  3. Good stuff. This was one of the best discoveries in that indeterminate amount of rap songs series thing you had us all contribute to. Props to teh SGP fanboy dude.

  4. @MF Oh yeah, that was Max. Always thought you wrote about that one for some reason.