Nature - "Magic"
(Internet; 2012)
Nature has one of the strangest career trajectories in Queensbridge history. Out of everyone caught in the crossfire of Nas' blood vendetta at the turn of the century, his livelihood was derailed the farthest. Legend has it that Nate's been walled up in a Marcy apartment for the last eleven years like William Forrester, terrified of social interaction after being targeted on 'Build and Destroy'. He always seems to reemerge in the darkest corners of the internet. His latest effort, 'Magic', is nothing short of spectacular. It's a really weird Halloween song that feels like a direct response to Nas accusing him of being unfamiliar with zombies, ghouls, and gangsters. This is probably his first solo record since 'Five Minutes To Flush' that doesn't feel completely aimless. The flow is pristine and it's refreshing to hear a rapper that actually has bass in his voice. There's several really fun lines buried under the apocalyptic synthesizers. The standout is when he claims to be "quoting from the bible or that new Rick Ross shit." Perhaps For All Seasons should have actually been a holiday themed album.


  1. I feel like I should know where this beat is from.

  2. A step in the right direction. I bought Pain Killers some years back and it was so trash I couldn't believe this was the same nigga that made shit like Take It Off and New Shit. I liked him over Mega back then. Not that he was that much better but his style was slicker and flyer to me. Mega was more street and grimey. My dream team was always Nas Nate AZ Half-A-Mil & Mega. Neither the Wu nor Boot Camp could put 5 niggas to match them...maybe Wu, but not on that fly smooth criminal shit I love. A cuz, if you got a CDQ of that old Nas & Nature diss Mega did wit Delorean called Never Personal can u up that or reply with a link. I had it on this old dreamteam best of Queens back then. 1

  3. @SP I don't think a CDQ of "Never Personal" even exists. Every version I've ever heard is rough. Just checked my external hard drive and I don't have that song for some reason. Mike Delorean was in the Queens Story video, which was pretty cool to see after all these years.

    I recently watched that Half-A-Mil documentary. Highly recommended if you're a fan.

  4. O ard. Thanks anyway. Yeah Half, that's my man. Where can I see this documentary you talking bout?

  5. I can't seem to find the site where I downloaded it from, but here's a clip to the trailer:

    Also, here's a link to a ton of his solo material:

    1. good lookin. It look like it's alotta freestyles I never heard on here. I'm bout to check it out. Here's a link to this dude you may or may not have heard of out here named Vodka. He been getting busy for years he's the illest unsigned dude out here. One of the illest period in my book. If you like these joints he got mad freestyles on there.