GUNPLAY: Welcome To The Jungle

Gunplay - "Welcome To The Jungle"
(Sniffahill: The First Gram; 2008)
Ratchet "Gunplay" Morales is arguably the most fascinating personality in rap at the moment. He makes no qualms about his fetish for cocaine or the swastika tattoo embedded across his rangy neck, and has amassed the coolest stockpile of aliases since the late great Big Baby Jesus. Cascading into his viral rabbit hole is a bewitching experience. The gauntlet features Gunplay snoozing comfortably on the warm summer pavement outside a Miami night club, reciting the greatest freestyle in recorded history whilst slurping linguine at an abandoned shopping mall, coercing a condescending civilian to wipe down the hood of his Dodge Magnum, snatching sea bass out the Gulf with his bare hands, and single-handedly confronting the entire G-Unit militia only to bungee up like Claire Bennet from Heroes prepared to exact revenge.

Everything involving Gunplay looms larger than life, but it would all be for naught if that theater didn't translate to his music. Otherwise he would be the incomparable, yet completely irrelevant, Bunky SA. His two most heralded performances to date are 'Rollin' and 'Cartoons and Cereal', both of which showcase opposing strengths in his skill-set. But Gunplay is at his best when given the space to merge his unhinged junkie and endearing underdog personas. 'Welcome to the Jungle' is one of those very instances. After launching into the type of aggressive posturing demanded by the 'Thuggish Ruggish Bone' instrumental, he switches directions mid-stride and builds a fairly extensive canine analogy demonstrating the results of being neglected by society, claiming that "a nigga really learned how to love himself." That's his bread and butter. Making the sharp transition from maniacal threats to sobering confessions at the drop of a hat.


  1. u kno the dude getting his car wiped down on world star wasnt gunplay right?