Alchemist Channels Expedia Rap

Alchemist - "Yacht Rock"
(Internet; 2012)
Nearly two years ago I trademarked "Expedia Rap," a sub-genre that encompasses Maybach Music, Paper Planes, and Jets Fool. Andrew Noz used the term a few months later to describe The S.L.O.’s "Purple Onion." I was convinced the language would be adopted by rap nerds webwide, but that's about as far as it went. Alchemist's two-part foray into nautical themed instrumentation, appropriately titled Yacht Rock, is as good an excuse as any to dust off my ill-fated vernacular. Rappers have always had a deep-rooted fetish for oceanography. Parish Smith swore by his fisherman hat, Cash Money engaged in naval surface warfare, and Prodigy attracted millions like the moon beckons the sea. So while Yacht Rock isn't exactly treading uncharted waters, it's riveting because each of the featured artists deliver, at least conceptually, the exact same verse through completely different lenses. Action Bronson plays a trust fund baby, Roc Marciano plays a rogue pirate, and Blu plays a doped up jazz legend on furlough. The casting feels organic. It's arguably the most impressive ensemble of Expedia Rappers since Kanye West's "Drive Slow Remix."


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