ROC MARCIANO: Sweet Nothings

Ever since an overwhelming majority of my listening pleasures started coming from the aggregate rap blog circuit, I've kept a sparse rotation of recording artists restricted to the distinguished "no leak zone". This list is considerably more flattering than any self-stroking end-of-year extravaganza my readership will inevitably have to suffer through during the holiday season. It means I'm willing to bear excruciating anticipation and forego label sanctioned leaks of straggling album cuts in exchange for the opportunity to take in the artistry as it was intended. But instant gratification is a powerful drug. Last week I relapsed and perused 'Seventy Six' Roc Marciano's latest grimace-inducing offering from the oft-delayed Reloaded.

It wasn't full scale backsliding, but more like when drug dealers on television saturate their gums with cocaine to measure the quality or lack thereof. Fortunately, Roc was charitable enough to dole out the homeless 'Sweet Nothings' just moments after I stumbled off the wagon. Initially the alternative didn't register as fishscale, but with each listen it became increasingly more potent. I began to pick up on the stark contrast between his indifferent demeanor and painstakingly dense craftsmanship. Marciano is the classmate that buries his nose in text books and molly the entire weekend, only to pretend the curve skyrocketed as a result of effortless sagacity. I'm hoping this satisfies my fix until the main course is finally available in its entirety.


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