GOOD MUSIC: New God Flow

GOOD Music - "New God Flow"
(Cruel Summer; 2012)

When the abridged draft of 'New God Flow' first surfaced it was already a fantastic record. The facile piano stabs and 'Synthetic Substitution' break inspired a caliginous side of Pusha T that's been idle since 2011's 'Alone In Vegas'. It's precisely what proponents of his GOOD Music merger had in mind when he jumped ship to the vanity imprint nearly two years ago ominous coke rap transposed over Kanye West's stadium addled production. But in typical Yeezy fashion, fantastic wasn't quite GOOD enough. The crowning iteration packaged with Cruel Summer features an opportune contribution from Ghostface Killah in place of Kanye's lumbering marching cadence.

The addendum isn't as jaw-dropping as the melodramatic orchestration leading up to Stark's red carpet entrance suggests. Kanye has been kowtowing to the alter of Wu-Tang for many moons, making a respectable effort to keep the Clan's legacy alive within his modish corner of pop music. Ghost returns the generosity by delivering his most inspired performance in recent memory, which unfortunately isn't saying much. The verse is frontloaded with florid confessions of showering with firearms and heaving cadavers at domesticated mountain lions, only to spiral into a rabbit hole of frustratingly stale threats.

While closer to pedestrian than offensive, its still disappointing to hear such tepid lyrics uttered by the man that once made Banana Nutrament sound gangster as all outdoors. And that's the primary dilemma with modern Ghostface his peerless knack for peddling the mundane as fascinating is either lost completely or lying dormant. He still has the potential to be great, but only when reaching for Rozay-esque delusions of grandeur.