CORMEGA: Street Essence

Cormega - "Street Essence"
(Most Interesting Man Alive; 2012)

Despite J-Love going above and beyond the orbit of false advertising by titling a mixtape largely comprised of his own rapping Most Interesting Man Alive, the bloated project is worth seeking out if only for a handful of notable guest appearances. 'Street Essence' has all the hallmarks of a vintage Cormega performance  excessive punch-ins, narcotic personification, discerning NBA metaphors, and perhaps most importantly genuinely vengeful overtones. Cory's previous full-length effort, Born and Raised, was the first instance he failed to convincingly embody a victim of treason and betrayal. Mega has a long way to go before making amends for toying with the idea of forming a streetwise adaptation of Slaughterhouse, but this is certainly a promising start.


  1. After seeing a bunch of footage of him live Im not so sure about his supposed reliance on punch-ins anymore, I think its more often layering for effect ala e-40 + his breathless delivery giving that illusion. Like theres a difference between purposeful multiple takes, double tracking etc and someone who just lacks the breath control, a good example of this is Show & AG's Times Up.

    Nerdery aside Im feeling this, J-Love needs to stick to producing cos hes capable of making a few bangers still. Im afraid to try that last 'Mega album, live bands and rap is not the move.

  2. Interesting point.

    I don't even look at Raw Forever as an album. More like a cash grab, which I'm cool with. The last real Mega album to me was Born and Raised.