GUNPLAY: Take This

(106 and Snort; 2012)
Since unveiling his first solo record contract with Def Jam back in early July, there's been an inverse relationship between how vehemently Gunplay pledges detoxification on the interview circuit verses how convincingly he raps from a coke head vantage point in the booth. He's been developing his maniacal on-wax persona almost as long as Rick Ross, but unlike his mentor he's learned to slither in and out of character to reveal endearing vulnerabilities that beg empathy rather than judgement. Which is to say Jupiter Jack and Don Logan are deliberate alter egos rather than superficial aliases, and his forthcoming debut will likely benefit from Gunplay having the luxury of working out the kinks in relative obscurity for nearly five years. "When Peanut died [is] the only time I shed a tear," Gunplay laments over the ornery bassline of 'Take This'. It's a sobering line despite being sandwiched between a litany of overbearing cartoonish bars. His biggest challenge going forward will be exploiting this duality within the confines of a major label that probably signed him on the strength of 'Rollin' opposed to 'All On You'.


  1. "let me cock that spaniel, clean a n****a dreads, scrub out the dandruff" jesus this ones a fucking monster

    That sample, whatever it is, never fails. I think NWA, PE and a few others used it

  2. @done Yeah, I think I read NWA used this sample, but I can't even place it. Great song. The video is fascinating.

  3. lol Gunplay. Selfish but I kinda hope he doesnt blow up and get homogenized like every other major label dude, that videos nuts

    Yeah I remember it now
    Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos was the PE one. I still cant think of the sample even with wsw, its a really obvious one too

  4. not even the sample its NWA appetite for destruction slowed down...