BEANIE SIGEL: Kush Dreaming

(This Time; 2012)
The fairly common insinuation that Beanie Sigel squandered his opportunity to rub elbows with the Illuminati rap troupe is naive to say the least. Anyone that lived through the height of Roc-A-Fella's reign should be able to recall Beans was the face of a profitable clothing line, spearheaded the State Property movement, squared off with the genre's foremost lyricists, starred in two classic films, and contributed to several hit records. It's hard to imagine Sigel's career escalating any further than his initial run. The real travesty of the Dwight Grant story is the fact he never truly embraced his fall from commercial grace. Early-aughts contemporaries like Freeway and Joe Budden were savvy enough to double back and pander to a constituency that condemned their previous mainstream efforts. Beans should have delivered his most cohesive work in a post-superproducer industry where the Harry Fraud's, Alchemist's, Lex Luger's, Jake One's, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League's consistently open their archives to unproven and unprofitable artists. 'Kush Dreaming' is one of the few engaging songs from his pre-incarceration Ruffhouse release, and likely the last we'll hear from Sigel for a very long time.


  1. This is soooooooo good.

    The MORE SAX SAMPLES IN RAP campaign officially starts here!

  2. Beans' new album is a monster despite the fact that he's being Black balled. Everybody knows that Beanie Sigel was the hottest emcee on the roc. His resilence will prevail..."one war it won't take long."

  3. I produced Kush Dreaming.... More sax in hip hop for sure!!