ESCOBAR SEASON: The Mythical (But Entirely Plausible) Lost Tapes 2 Tracklist

In the fall of 2010, just months after the release of Distant Relatives, an open letter to Def Jam's senior management supposedly authored by Nas made it's rounds on the aggregate rap blog circuit. The memorandum implored the label to extend the $200,000 budget allotted for the highly anticipated sequel to 2002's Lost Tapes. Despite Esco's pleads and a subsequent fan organized online petition, Def Jam unfortunately refused to green light the project. Nearly two years later, on the heels of his tenth studio album, demand for Nas' music is as high as it's been in years. Assuming Life Is Good garners both critical acclaim and modest Nielsen ratings, this would be an ideal time for Joie Manda to pull the trigger. Especially considering Nas has recorded more than enough desolate material over the last few years to compile a worthy successor to one of his most coveted works. The following is a document of records we know exist due to accessible snippets, photographic evidence, or ear-witness testimony.

  1. "No Such Thing As White Jesus" (feat. Frank Ocean): Back in April 2011, Nas tweeted he was in the studio with Frank Ocean. Sixteen months later, Odd Future's meal ticket claimed the song was possibly lost forever. Keyword being "possibly."
  2. "???????" (feat. Mobb Deep): Prodigy claimed he sent three songs to Nas after coming home from prison. While the Alchemist produced 'Dog Shit' and 'Get It Forever' have already seen the light of day, their third collaboration intended for Mobb Deep's eight studio album has yet to be released. Between cellular-gate and Prodigy announcing a forthcoming project with Jim Jones, Lost Tapes 2 is the most logical destination for the remaining song.
  3. "???????" (feat. AZ): Back in August 2011, a photo surfaced showing Nas, AZ, and the infallible Jungle congregating in a dimly lit studio. It's likely they put together two songs, as Sosa would have probably requested a verse in return for the perpetually delayed Doe Or Die 2.
  4. "???????" (prod. by S1): Remember that photo with S1 and Nas posing on No ID's doorstep?
  5. "???????" (prod. No ID): Back in May 2012, Nas told Complex Magazine he completed ten songs with No ID. Life Is Good only boasted six total, so that leaves several collaboration unaccounted for. If we play it conservative and assume Nas exaggerated a couple, and that the S1 track overlaps, there must be at least one more song that was left by the wayside.
  6. "Colors" (prod. DJ Khalil): A brief snippet of this unreleased track intended for Untitled is floating around on youtube.
  7. "The Scientist" (prod. Just Blaze): His infamous confrontation with Wesley Snipes at the Shaft movie premiere likely gave Nas the inspiration for this unreleased gem. Now that Jay Electronica's long awaited 'Dear Moleskine' is finally available, we can officially pronounce 'The Scientist' as the greatest unreleased snippet of all-time.
  8. "???????" (feat. Jay Electronica): Once upon a time, long ago, Jay Electronica was long hailed as next Nas, but regressed into the next Canibus. Ironically, Nas turned out to be the next Nas. I'm almost certain Just Blaze is hoarding at least one of these epic collaborations on his hard drive.
  9. "???????" (prod. The Interz): Over the course of several interviews, production duo Da Internz convinced us they handled a sizable portion of Life Is Good, only to have one co-production credit on the final tracklist. It's entirely possible they recorded several songs with Nas that were scrapped before factory pressing.
  10. "???????" (prod. Large Professor): Extra P told us he and Nas recorded a handful of records for Life Is Good, which obviously sounded like bullshit until he landed on the official tracklist.
  11. "???????" (feat. Kanye West): - Nas was originally rumored to be featured on Kanye West's 'Christian Dior Denim Flow' along with Llyod Banks. We know that God's Son definitely spent time in Hawaii with Kanye during his Good Friday run. The results have yet to surface.
  12. "???????" (prod. Q-Tip): Back in early 2010, Q-Tip claimed to be working on Nas' new album. Between Esco introducing the idea for the Beats Rhymes and Life documentary, inviting A Tribe Called Quest to co-headline Rock The Bells 2008, and considering forming a supergroup with Q-Tip and Common (The Standard), it's clear that he has a much closer rapport with Kamaal than Pete Rock or DJ Premier. They probably just didn't see eye-to-eye regarding Gwyneth Paltrow being a "real nigga", but that's not a good enough reason to let a potentially classic record go to waste.
  13. "Street Shit" (prod. Swizz Beatz): This is the track everyone was raving about at the Life Is Good listening session. On one hand, the bloggers that wrote their initial thoughts on the album specialize in posting links rather than analyzing rap music, so I'm not sure their opinions are necessarily the end all be all. On the other hand, most of them have been marginalizing Nas' contribution to the game for years, so their praise bodes well for 'Street Shit'.
  14. White Man's Paper (feat. Damian Marley): This is going back a pretty far, but in 2006 Fader reported on a Jr. Gong collaboration scheduled to appear on Hip-Hop Is Dead that was produced by "some African dude". They even prophesied the Distant Relative's album by suggesting the duo capitalize on their natural chemistry and form a group titled Gods' Sons.


  1. I remember 'Ye saying Nas was on a Good Friday song called "Futuristic G's" that was never released.

    Don't even want to contemplate the amount of classics collecting dust on various hard drives

  2. Hi there...recent convert to the blog. I just hope he releases it, preferably with all new music. Save for one or two minor quibbles that tracklist looks promising. I think the Mobb have seen better days and I wouldn't be keen on Da Internz, although they did a good job adding some "tits and ass"(lol, their words)to The Don.

    Given it's the first time I've commented here, would it be pushing things to make a request? I've been enjoying the Escobar Season Part 2 compilation sans Minaj and all those mediocre rappers. With the album dropping soon(leak you piece of shit!)it seems like having Daughters/The Don/Nasty included on the mix is unnecessary. Would it be possible, if you have the time/can be bothered and are willing to indulge some random fussy asshole on the internet, to edit out those songs and post a new mix of his guest features?

    Thanks, Bob

  3. Holy shit. I think that's the most insightful comment I've ever seen on this blog. I agree to an extent. I'm not as excited about his Mobb and Interz tracks as much as say, the Jay Elec collaboration. But I think Nas is such a good rapper that anything he does has the potential to be song of the year, regardless of the producer or collab. So I'd like to still at least hear how those songs turned out.

    I'll put together another mix. I'd like to wait until the AZ and Swizz tracks leak, because I think those will see the light of day in the near future.

  4. I've been called a lot of things in my life but never insightful...keep striving, your work deserves more acclaim and a wider audience. Perhaps a marketing/promo campaign a la the irrepressible D.j. Scarface would garner more hits or more likely, death threats.

    New music from Nas is always welcome, though not everything he churns out hits the target. Black Girl Lost Part 2, I'm looking at you. I actually liked the beats and Nas' verses on those recent Mobb tracks, it's just that I find Prodigy virtually unlistenable at this stage. Whatever flow and lyrical ability he had has long departed.

    Re: the mix, all in your own good time. I'm a little disappointed those two songs won't be on Life Is Good-the Swizzy track went down well at the listening session and the album title seemed apt for an AZ and Esco reunion.

  5. Sup

  6. So many producers talk about working w/ Nas ... submitting music for his albums who knows how much unreleased music there is for the Lost Tapes volumes. lol

  7. I was readin this list ready to post "dude where's white man's paper??" little did I know...

    I remember hookin up with Afrykan back then, dude was actually an amateur beat maker who ended up on this project god knows how...def jam kinda played him & gave him hardly any info on whether the song would make the final cut...I think he doesn't even own it himself

    More info about that song & another salaam track here

  8. Pretty sure that Salaam Remi track is the bonus cut "The N". Here is the original tracklist for HHID:

    1. Don’t Hate Me Now (produced by Salaam Remi)
    2. QB Tru G’s ft. The Game (produced by Dr. Dre)
    3. Black Republican ft. Jay-Z (produced by L.E.S.)
    4. Where Y’all At (produced by Salaam Remi)
    5. Play on Playa ft. Snoop Dogg (produced by Scott Storch)
    6. Still Dreaming ft. Kanye West & Chrisette Michelle (produced by Kanye West)
    7. White Man’s Paper ft. Damien Marley (produced by Afrikan)
    8. Blunt Ashes (produced by Chris Webber)
    9. Hip-Hop Is Dead ft. (produced by
    10. Where Are They Now (produced by Nas and Salaam Remi)
    11. Let There Be Light ft. Tre Williams (produced by Kanye West)
    12. Not Going Back ft. Kelis (produced by Star Gate)
    13. Can’t Forget About You ft. Chrisette Michelle (produced by
    14. Hold Down the Block (produced by Mark Batson)

    It's basically the same order that The Fader were previewing tracks, aside from White Man's Paper and Blunt Ashes, and the omission of Where Y'all At(sigh) for Carry on Tradition.

    Both Play on Playa and Not Going Back were intended for Street's Disciple and featured in some reviews for the album.

  9. @Anonymous Thanks. I wasn't aware of that.