WILLIE THE KID: Life On Another Planet

Willie The Kid - "Life On Another Planet"
(Russian Roulette; 2012)

The "style versus substance" debate in regard to rap music is considerably shortsighted and unproductive, as it throws the many nuances of emceeing to the wayside. Willie The Kid is living proof that neither attributes are necessarily prerequisites for engaging artistry. In fact, he's molded a generally hollow and unrevealing on-wax persona into an intriguingly apathetic character. Instead, he leans on a multitude of other skill sets — timing, alliteration, extensive vocabulary, and a knack for imagery. To make a long story short, Willie raps absurdly well. His dense approach is ideal for Alchemist's Russian Roulette, which employs a myriad of dingy Soviet vinyl excerpts that rarely span longer than ninety seconds. He floats over 'Life On Another Planet' with a flow that's at once subdued ("ready for the melancholy") and limber ("leave-em'-all-in-awe-and-all-in-all-I-did-well").