FUNKMASTER FLEX: Breakfast Club Rant

Funkmaster Flex - "Breakfast Club Rant"
(Hot 97; 2012)
Whenever some poor downtrodden proletarian employed by Power 105.1 musters the courage to ruffle Funkmaster Flex's feathers, we're blessed with an alternate reality where urban radio isn't completely useless. His utter disemboweling of terrestrial rivals Charlemagne The God (Nelson Ellis doppelganger), DJ Envy (perpetual "toast" victim), and Angela Yee (sensuous pygmy) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that passion trumps snark every time, at least in the radio arena. Combine both elements with a healthy dose of lunacy, and you've got a foolproof recipe for insurmountable success. The fact Flex hasn't bothered to update his war drums in nearly a decade speaks volumes to the current state of New York City's commercial rap scene.


  1. I remember listening to Funkmaster Flex's premier of "Otis" on the internet. It sounded like he was beating off to the song as he played it (NO HOMO). I thank the Lord Jesus Christ everyday that I do not live in NYC and have to hear this guy.

  2. "sensuous pygmy"


    Shots at Shooter's mum??

    Shout out to shooter and eng rep anywho.