MADVILLAIN: Avalanche (Live)

(Madvillainy 2; 2012)
According to an interview published by Q Magazine, MF Doom is entertaining the idea of residing in London indefinitely after US immigration denied his entry into the land of opportunity back in 2010. In addition to further augmenting the epic potential of Dumile's future biopic and fueling several collaborations with British musicians, the exile will obviously limit the extent of work he pursues with American contemporaries. Fortunately, Doom himself assured fans in his Music Academy lecture that the long awaited sequel to Madvillainy has already been recorded, and currently undergoing fine-tuning in an undisclosed blunted bomb shelter. That claim was reinforced when Madlib finally emancipated 'Avalanche' in it's entirety during a live set in Philadelphia last fall. It certainly isn't a linear progression from Born Like This, which contained the densest writing of Doom's career. The punchline driven record is a dead ringer for those pockets of the original Madvillainy where he seemingly transitioned into a stand-up routine, relying on pinpoint timing and hilarious imagery rather than abstraction.


  1. I know right. Can't wait until mastered mp3 surfaces.

  2. Im psyched about this. Apparently hes been sitting round watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and The Professionals and it inspired a bunch of his rhymes.

    Jneiro jarel is from Atlanta though, I think.