Additional Crab Meats #3

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(Cocaine 80's; 2012)
If there's a single silver lining to Nasir's bitter divorce being plastered across every urban gossip column and aggregate rap blog, it's the increased demand for R&B collaborations inspired by his tumultuous personal life. Over the last year, Nas has been recruited to work with CJ Hilton, Amy Winehouse, Mary J Blige, and Melanie Fiona. While he managed to supply each artist with a unique tone and perspective, buried at the core of each verse is a refreshing dose of optimism. Unlike the aforementioned records, Cocaine 80's 'Chain Glow' doesn't reference divorce settlements, evoke empathy, or establish duality between heartache and rebound. On the surface it's just a simple lighthearted narrative, in which Nas gets the girl at the end on account of his lustrous jewelry. But there's certainly symbolism in cruising on a sparse Middle American interstate without a scheduled destination, dozens of miles removed from the frantic pace of the city.

(JJ Doom; 2012)
The first leak from MF Doom's forthcoming collaborative effort with Jneiro Jarel provides us with the type of mind-blowing kookiness El-P failed to deliver on the uncharacteristically tame Cure For Cancer. 'Banished' harnesses the chaotic energy found on the accelerated portions of 'No Snakes Alive'. My curiosity for JJ Doom is officially piqued. Unfortunately, this record deflates any interest I had in the mythical DOOMStarks album, because I can't remember the last time Pretty Toney took a creative risk of this magnitude.


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