Truly great music videos remain embedded deep in your conscienceness long after the credits finish rolling. To this day, 'Hate Me Now' immediately conjures images of a young Esco drapped in exotic furs, narrowly escaping thermobaric flames whilst liberating champagne off a Far Rockaway bodega rooftop. Actually, I think I just inadvertently merged four completely different scenes together, which speaks volumes to the genius of Hype Williams. History suggests well executed visuals propel great songs to Planet Epic.

Oddly enough, Willie The Kid's interpretation of 'Die Free' is an exception to the trend line. Whiskey Neat provides beautiful cinematography for the creative narrative, but I always imagined Willie muttering these lyrics to himself in a dimly lit west Michigan warehouse. Sort of like Spike Lee's Huey Newton Story, audience withstanding. Last year I knighted 'Die Free' the greatest song of the calendar, so it's nice to see The Embassy finally invest in what's arguably Willie's most impressive work to date.

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