THOMAS AT THE RADIO: Top 10 Current Rap Songs According to Billboard (Part 4)

After closely examining the Billboard charts and listening to the most popular rap songs on the radio this past week, a few things things became clear; for one, rap is no longer dominating the charts like it has in the past. The highest ranking rap song on the radio at this moment is in the #5 slot. Also, the rap songs that are popular right now are club jams that have more of an emphasis on the song's dance beat than actual rapping. Does this mean rap music is on the decline? Of course not, this is just part of the natural ebb and flow of popular music. Give it 6 months and the top ten rap songs will probably have a completely different flavor to them and the #1 song in the country could very well be from a young, up and coming rapper.

With that said, let's talk a look at the top five rap songs in the country right now:

5.) "Good Feeling"
In this music video Flo Rida travels to Europe and takes in the historic sights and sounds while he works out a lot. Flo Rida is distinctly more swole than most rappers out there and could probably beat up 20 Snoop Doggs and Wiz Khalifas. There is an electronic breakdown that comes in at around frame 2:48, which is a growing trend in mainstream rap and pop music in general. Do you remember when that same electronic bleep blop happened in that Britney Spears song from last year? BRB got to go spend the rest of my life trying to acquire a Tron motorcycle like the one Flo Rida has at the end of this video. If you have ears then you have probably heard this song more times than you've blinked in a day.

4.) "The Motto"
When this song and video first dropped people in the Bay Area were pretty excited about such a huge artist putting the area into the spotlight. Drake raps "I'm in the buildin' and I'm feelin' myself," which refers to the local hit by deceased rapper Mac Dre and then follows that with, "rest in peace Mac Dre Imma do it for the Bay." E-40, who is arguably one of the most influential rappers of all time, makes a cameo in this video, along with Mistah FAB, a rapper who has not been relevant in the scene since 2007. The Bay connection extends to the song's beat as well, which has roots that can be traced back to The Pack's "Vans."

Drake's fashion sense continues to baffle, in this video he is wearing a cheetah print North Face jacket! To be fair, he is Canadian, so he's probably just confused about "urban style" in general. Speaking of fashion, Lil Wayne has mastered the art of truly not giving a fuck, with his lime green moon boots along with ridiculous dance moves. After you have earned a certain number of millions as an artist I think you basically get to do whatever you want and no one questions you.

3.) "Ass Back Home"
Have you ever seen more longing stares into the distance in a music video? The song and video's concept pertains to a strained long distance relationship and features the corniest line of 2012: "we put the us in trust baby!" What do you bros think of this Neon Hitch singer? Not sure how to feel about the heavy-makeup-that-makes-you-look-fifteen-years-older-than-you-actually-are look that she is rocking. This song sounds like it would appeal greatly to teenage girls, so naturally it is a hit song!

2.) "Take Care"
More Drake! Making fun of Drake in 2012 is played out, it's the equivalent of making fun of Crocs or Ed Hardy in years past: just too easy and obvious. So let's look at the bright side of things: Drake is a much better singer than he is a rapper and this song plays nicely towards his strengths. Rihanna's chorus is sparse, but effective and overall the song's melancholy and moody atmosphere is a nice change of pace from the barrage of club jams on the airwaves right now. Reconnect with your sensitive side and enjoy this one.

1.) "Turn Me On"
Oops, my bad, I thought this was a rap song. Unless you consider a song that only rhymes the word "young" with itself along with rhyming "doctor" and "chiropractor" together to be a rap song. Well damn, I'd hate to end this post with a non-rap song...Hold up, my dad just sent an email with a video link:

What do you think of these songs?

What is your take on the current state of popular rap?

What is the turning radius on that Tron motorcycle like?

Would you take Neon Hitch out for a nice seafood dinner?

Should Drake just stick to singing and quit trying to rap?

Are you "Livin De Life"?



  1. obviously, drake is too easy to make fun of and I have never been a fan of him because he's so soft, a bitch, etc. But when he released the motto, i was excited that he shouted out the bay and mac dre and had mac dre's mom in the intro.
    However, both having tyga wear a dodgers jersey in the bay along with saying "rest in peace, mac dre, i did it for LA" on new years eve...not to mention saying "LA!" in san jose at one of his performances has made me hate drake. Before this video, i had given up making fun of drake because, like you said, its too easy, but as a bay arean and huge mac dre fan, i feel like he tried to praise the bay but majorly failed.
    heres the videos i mentioned in case you didn't catch it

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