MASTA ACE: Slow Down

Masta Ace - "Slow Down"
(MA DOOM; 2012)

MF Doom is a legend in every sense of the word. So much so, that rappers continue to churn out posthumous collaborations despite the fact he's still true and living (I think). This isn't an indictment on Special Herbs karaoke, as everyone from Ghostface Killah to Stacy Epps have delivered phenomenal music courtesy of these decade old beat tapes, but it's worth noting how much that series resonated with his subterranean peers. Masta Ace is the latest to indulge in Doom's signature unquantized drums. 'Slow Down' follows the same fluctuating tempo formula as J Live's 'Them That's Not', Rza's 'Brooklyn Babies', and even MF Doom's very own 'Tick Tick'. But similar to other reoccurring technical exhibitions in rap music (alphabet slaughter-ing, stray bullet-ing, I used to love her-ing, etc), execution is king. Ace weaves his Trife Life narrative around the buoyant instrumental, and closes with a convincing interlude reminiscent of the theater found on his Disposable Arts album. Hopefully, MA DOOM is as conceptual as its initial leak would suggest.

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