I LOVE THIS GAME: H.L.'s 10 Most Anticipated Albums For Summer 2012

I actually started writing about these projects to justify my picks, but sometimes less is more.
  1. Nas [Life Is Good]
  2. Roc Marciano [Reloaded]
  3. Rick Ross [God Forgives I Don't]
  4. Willie The Kid + Cooking Soul [TBA]
  5. Gunplay [Bogota]
  6. Kool G Rap + Necro [Godfathers]
  7. El-P [Cure For Cancer]
  8. Quelle Chris + Dibia$e [2Dirt4TV]
  9. Killer Mike + El-P [R.A.P. Music]
  10. Gza [Dark Matter]


  1. Hell to the yes. I am fiendin' for all this shit.

  2. I am just starting to get familiar with this Gunplay guy and I like what I hear.

    Music that makes me want to go commit felonies asap is always welcome in my ears.

  3. Yep. Gunplay has a lot of great songs scattered about.

  4. 1. Life Is Good - Nas
    2. Act II (go ahead laugh) JElec
    3. Reloaded - Marci
    4. Good Kid In A Mad City - Kendrick Lamar
    5. Covert Coup sequel - Curren$y x ALC
    6. God Forgive I Don't - Rawse
    7. A random Blu album from Bandcamp
    8. A new Curtis album
    9.Willie The Kid & Cooking Soul
    10. Mic Tyson - Sean Price

    *albums that have I have mild interest in or have only been rumored about.

    Self Made Vol 2
    Alchemist x Kool G Rap
    Mos Def album
    Food & Liquor II
    Earl Sweatshirt album
    Slaughterhouse album
    Fashawn x Exile LP

  5. Alchemist x Kool G Rap
    Mos Def album


    I didn't realize these were in contention, but those would be toward the top of my list if true. I download/order every Blu tape, but I never really have expectations with those projects.