THE QUESTIONS: A Brief Discussion About 2Dirt4TV with Quelle Chris

Hopefully the first of an ongoing series. One question per song. Enjoy.
On 2Dirt4TV's opening track, 'Live Alone Die Alone', you express a desire to become a better person by cutting back on drinking and smoking. Is that difficult considering your profession?
I can't blame it on the profession. I'm just an alcoholic. Ha! Really. I can come up with any excuse to drink at any time of the day. At some point in the not so distant past I sat down and thought about it. I realized that by at least 2/3 degrees of separation, 90% of my mistakes over the past however many years were because of drinking. I've had some hellish opportunities where I was just literally to drunk to function. Now mind you this is no PSA cause I still drink. Just not how I used to. And I'm ALWAYS the devil's advocate/peer pressure guy. As far as the cigs go, that's obvious, they just kill you. More than anything, us "entertainers" don't take good enough care of ourselves. Maybe it's an inherent Peter Pan gene. But what we do to or bodies now, we WILL pay for later. I don't plan on dying young. I got a lot to do.
I thought 'Squabble' was a hilarious song, because I've lived that exact scenario you described. I think everyone has at least one friend in their circle that attracts negative energy whenever they go out. Is that song based on a true story?
Ha! More of a combination of true moments and real people. I can't say names, but you know what the fuck I'm talking about. Sometimes the nigga surprises you cause it'll be at a Maxwell concert or some shit like that. You'll be like: "how this nigga start a fight at the muthafuckin Beyonce concert???". But we were just watching some old gang tapes and at some point [Dibia$e] was like: "damn, you should make a song called Squabble". I did all the mixing and sequencing so the Eazy E [sample] was my input. Dibia$e was clowin when he heard I put that at the jump though.
'Whateverdoe' has a radiant Native Tongues vibe without being completely derivative. Your previous couple of projects were noticeably darker than 2Dirt4TV. Was that change in direction intentional or just a natural progression?
Between my solo work, Awesome in Outer Space, and Crown Nation I touch on a wide range of sounds. I make music so I can have music to listen to. I already have Shotgun and Sleek Rifle to listen to, so I'm just giving my personal iTunes library something lighter, yet dirtier to listen for the moment. I'm working on another solo [record] to drop after I release this Balance album with Dibia$e and Knxwledge. It's tentatively titled 'Super Fuck'. I tend to be just as excited to find out what the hell I'm going to do next. Ha! I don't much plan with music. I just do it.
There's an interlude at the end of 'The Talk' that I assumed was either Redman or Erick Sermon claiming to be keeping the funk alive. What about that quote moved you enough to place it on the EP?
It was the Green Eyed Bandit himself. I talk about this often with my buddies. Hip-hop on all ends, the underground and mainstream, has lost a lot of its funk. Now as a producer some would say that it's because all the good vinyl has been abused, but I hardly sample soul, funk, and R&B, and my shit's still funky. It's a feel that can't be taught. It's a feel that in my opinion can only be passed down audibly by those of us who lived it. No offense to anyone specifically, but when you hear a 15-19 or so year make "real hip-hop" it just sounds different. you know? Fuck it. Whatever. I just sound like an old man now. But even if you can't hear the difference between the "funk haves" and the "funk have-nots", you can definitely feel it.
The title track is my favorite song on this project. You suggest fans don't champion artists until it's deemed the cool thing to do. Why do you think modern rap fans are so infatuated with cosigns, affiliations, and the aura of success in general?
Well there's just the basic marketing and consumer fact that people are more likely to buy things that seem familiar, trustworthy, and that other people use and trust. It's like lemmings. Then there's also the Social Network High School. Nobody wants to state their opinion on a public forum until it's deemed safe by the majority, because no one wants to be banished to the "hoe ass niggas" table. Maybe I'm not the best example to use 'cause I'm unshakably cool, but at the peak of what I'll call the "Drake hate period", I started super supporting Drake on a public forum. You'd be surprised how many people would be boarder line offended. My skin is thick so I tend to be more open with my likes and dislikes, but a lot of people can't stand the pressure of being separated from the group, if even temporarily. As a result, you end up with a bunch of people who may hear something and like it, but won't spread it openly until it seems safe. Then they'll be like: "I was banging that shit way back G". But I'm not mad at that. This question has many layers of discussions in many different topics and categories, so to be honest I need a book or two to fully answer that.
Any chance we'll get a radio edit for 'MFK'?
Ha! 'MLVR'?