Additional Crab Meats #1

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(Chimera; 2012)
If every hero requires a theme song, I'm calling first dibs on Homeboy Sandman's poetic tantrum in the slight chance fate ever calls for me to don a cape and rescue humanity from unforeseen apocalypse. Despite its apathetic tone, 'I Do Whatever I Want' is a triumphant proclamation of superiority. Mr Familiar's leisurely paced instrumental captures a quirky humor that often gets lost in translation on Sandman's wordier records.

(2Dirt4TV; 2012)
When I last spoke with Quelle Chris, he expressed frustration with the culture of dickridership embraced by modern rap fans. It's a notion I can personally relate to, as it's difficult to even discuss music in 2012 without the discourse regressing to a tally of arbitrary wins and losses premised on affiliations, record sales, and financial security. 2Dirt4TV's title track provides a soundtrack for the aforementioned sentiment. Even at his most resentful, Quelle possesses an intangible charm and sincerity that evokes empathy rather than animosity.

(Wu Block; 2012)
In retrospect, poor misguided critical reception to the marginally underrated Apollo Kids developed into a full-fledged self-fulfilling prophecy. Since announcing the forthcoming Wu Block album on 2011's Rock The Bells Tour, Ghost and Sheek have released a multitude of haphazard collaborations, all of which feature the most uninspired performances of Dennis Cole's career. The tenebrous atmosphere of 'Shrooms' finally breaks this vicious cycle of mediocrity. While not quite as engaging as D-Block's contribution to The Pretty Toney Album, this is certainly a step in the right direction considering the duos recent slump.


  1. Nice post. Glad I'm no longer the only music writer willing to use the word "tenebrous" in an article.

  2. "Shrooms" is easily the dopest track from Wu Block since the LOX x Ghost x Rae x RZA track that got fans hyped.

    I just can't seem to warm up to Homeboy Sandman music.

    need to hear more of Quelle Chris, what are some projects I should listen to?

  3. @November "Shotgun and Sleek Rifle" from last year is the best place to start. "The Son EP" was really good too, but really raw down to the sound quality. If you dig those you should check out "Blue Mondays" and "Slutbag Edition". You can stream all this stuff at his bandcamp:

  4. Homeboy Sandman is very hit-or-miss for me. He has a handful of songs I really dig though.