ACTION BRONSON: 106 and Rosay

(Blue Chips; 2012)
Despite the countless Pretty Toney comparisons garnered due to his raspy helium tinged voice, Action Bronson's surrogate father is none other than the Monkey Barz era Sean Price. Similar to Ruck, his approach is fairly conservative regional rap, but extremely well executed and peppered with genuine humor. This year Bam Bam finally delivered a solid project with the release of Blue Chips. The album isn't life altering, but it's a consistently good ol' fashioned boom-bap record, and a welcomed upgrade from Statik Selektah's barely servicable DJ Premier impersonation. The first verse, easily one of 2012's most impressive, opens with vicious imagery and eventually trails off into a sincere request for fellatio. The subsequent verses channel Too Short and randomly champions raisin bread. I think this qualifies as a hat trick.


  1. Hey!

    I liked Well Done. Best Statik Selektah produced project to date.

  2. @Amp I actually agree that Well Done one of Statik's better projects, but Blue Chips is the same type of album, just way more replay value.