LIL B: Surrender To Me

Lil B - "Surrender To Me"
(White Flame; 2012)

It's embarrassing to see respected music journalists falling over each other to notarize Lil B's new wave of derivative minions. I suppose it's easier to indirectly champion his influence than to backtrack on their well documented opposition to the Based World aesthetic. It's nearly as disturbing to witness Brandon's most outspoken advocates criticize the quality control of his recent material, especially considering a Lil B project with more than four stellar songs is rare as unicorn tartare. 'Surrender To Me' is the obligatory triumphant east coast offering from White Flame, and an appropriate response to those reluctant to acknowledge his eminent contribution to the genre.


  1. It reminds me of when music journalists were so quick to call I'm Gay a commercial flop when it sold 2K its first week. He put 20K in his pocket as an independent artist for a release that had negligible overhead costs and no paid promo and then put up a free download for it a few days after its release. How is that a flop?

    Anyways, I like "Surrender to Me" and I usually don't really care for his East Coast-inspired tracks.

  2. @Thomas Not to mention he released it for free. lol That's true. I doubt that album cost any more to create and promote than the 50,000 other mixtapes he dropped last year. Just so happened the controversy surrounding that album drummed up a lot of think pieces.